New Telemedicine Platform Unveiled

AZOVA, a new telemedicine platform, was unveiled at the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) annual conference in Minneapolis, Minn. The platform integrates telemedicine, secure messaging, population health, online self-scheduling and e-commerce, according to a press release from AZOVA.

AZOVA’s Healthcare Commerce Cloud makes building an online medical, mental health, health and wellness, dental or veterinary practice quick and easy, the press release noted. Professionals can launch their direct-to-consumer, full-feature telemedicine program in hours to days, not months. AZOVA’s platform is built for rapid configuration of all service lines and does not require expensive customization or software development kits.

AZOVA founder and CEO, Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting
AZOVA founder and CEO, Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting

“We have created a product that saves all healthcare professionals and all patients time, money and frustration,” said AZOVA founder and CEO, Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting. “AZOVA is a unique telemedicine platform made for all stakeholders in healthcare, and will greatly enhance a patient’s experience any time they access the healthcare system. Our technology also enables the growth of online healthcare ecosystems which allow medical professionals to grow their businesses far beyond their physical locations.

“Telemedicine is the new frontier for patient care,” added Eberting. “And AZOVA is the most comprehensive, customizable, simple solution for healthcare organizations that hope to provide digital accessibility for their patients. AZOVA supports all medical, mental health, health and wellness, dental, veterinary or pharmacy professionals as well as imaging centers and laboratories. Whether you operate a large medical center or a small specialty clinic, AZOVA is designed to help you leapfrog the competition and launch your organization’s business into the AZOVA Healthcare Commerce Cloud.”

According to the ATA, there will be more than 1.25 million online patient consultations held in 2016 as well as more than 125,000 patients diagnosed via telestroke. The AZOVA platform offers practicality and ease for patient and medical provider alike, allowing a steady flow of communication between the two.

AZOVA’s patent-pending connected platform makes healthcare simple with these 15 tools and resources:

  • All four telemedicine modalities including face-to-face video, telephone, PhotoForward™, secure messaging visit types
  • One-click digital triage clinic with automatic queuing
  • Safe Connect secure messaging
  • Customizable population health modules
  • Online self-scheduling for in-office visits and procedures
  • House calls
  • Bundled payment solutions for ACOs and medical centers
  • Accept cash, insurance, concierge or hybrid payment plans
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Universal patient portal for all your family’s medical records
  • Robust medical image sharing with universal viewer
  • E-commerce
  • Supports traditional or concierge models
  • Click digital referrals
  • On-call staff management solutions

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