Patient Blood Management Program Launched

Parkview Health, a healthcare provider in the greater Fort Wayne, Ind., region, has entered a multi-year partnership with Accumen Inc. (Accumen) to create a comprehensive Patient Blood Management (cPBM) Program.

Accumen’s cPBM partnership model has been proven to rapidly focus and accelerate hospital laboratory and health system efforts around Patient Blood Management, according to a press release from Parkview Health.

These sustainable improvements in blood utilization lead to reductions of inappropriate and avoidable blood use by as much as 40-60%.

At the core of Accumen’s cPBM vision is a patient-centered model that addresses blood administration, utilization and transfusion safety, as well as proactive strategies designed to avoid unnecessary transfusions and complications such as anemia management and minimizing bleeding and blood loss, the press release notes.

Accumen’s offering is anchored by a team of national thought leaders and laboratory professionals with experience developing nationally recognized cPBM programs, proven processes that combine project playbooks, broad education and awareness campaigns, organizational change management strategies, and a PBM Analytics Suite to effectively drive insight and actionable improvements.

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