Texts Engage, Activate Medicaid Members

Interactive and tailored text messages are successful in improving member knowledge of plan offerings, and promoting self-activation among Medicaid members, according to study results released by mPulse Mobile and conducted in partnership with Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP), a Medicaid and Medicare health plan in Southern California.

With a 98% read-rate, text messages are a high-impact, low-cost method of engagement, according to a press release from mPulse Mobile.

Positive outcomes from the 3-month study of 17,000 newly-enrolled members include heightened awareness of appropriate settings for care, effective use of IEHP resources, increased response rate and engagement, and self-activation, the press release notes. Specifically:

  • 91% of members found that the text messages improved their overall knowledge of IEHP services
  • The number of members who reported they would visit the ER for a minor condition dropped from 11% to 4%
  • 10% of members participated in a series of health challenges with a 33% completion rate
  • The engagement score, based on response behavior and sentiment, for the study group was 2.5 times greater than the control group

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