Webinar: Empowering Patients through Self-Care and Emerging Technologies – A Path to More Precise and Personalized Health

Healthcare in the United States is at a crossroads: the manner in which patients and practitioners have traditionally understood and delivered healthcare is increasingly less applicable to the current state of the health of patient populations.

Hallmarked by rising systemic healthcare costs and correlated decreasing patient outcomes, the current state of the healthcare industry has provided the catalyst for looking at new ways to deliver cost-effective healthcare, with improved outcomes. And that new way is by putting control back in the hands of the people whose lives are at stake – the patients.

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Featured Speakers:

John Bojanowski

John Bojanowski
President of Honeywell Life Care Solutions


Paul KimPaul Kim


Dillon StickleModerator: Dillon Stickle
Editorial Assistant, ADVANCE Healthcare Network