2012 Information Technology Industry Review

ATLAS Medical

As a provider of clinical connectivity and process integration solutions to major outreach labs for more than 15 years, ATLAS Medical recognized it would take more than basic technology to solve today’s lab-EMR integration problems.

Relying upon traditional point-to-point connections does not allow labs or EMR vendors to keep pace with the growing backlog of EMR interface requests. Some efficiency is gained from managing these connections through an interface engine or a “hub,” typically allowing interfaces to be centrally developed and managed. However, if the hub only manages numerous point-to-point interfaces, the more fundamental issues related to time, cost and functionality are likely left unaddressed.

ATLAS focused on improving other aspects of the point-to-point process through closer cooperation with the EMR/EHR vendor community. The approach had to support engineering a “smart” integrated connection between EMRs and labs that would enable rapid deployment of additional connections, after an initial connection was completed.

Lab and EMR vendor communities are facing the same pressures. ATLAS knew it had to present both with a compelling proposition to gain their support. That led to the development of the iOn Interoperability Network. More than just a hub, the cloud-based iOn Interoperability Network is an efficient, cost-effective, vendor-agnostic process integration engine. Cloud-based iOn unleashes the power of ATLAS’ proven technology to deliver unprecedented levels of connectivity and control when dealing with EMR orders and results.

Leveraging ATLAS’ customer base of over 140 national and regional commercial laboratories and hospital outreach programs that service more than 75,000 physicians nationwide, iOn Connect allows laboratories to access participating EMRs with one single connection to the iOn Interoperability Network. It is attractive to labs and EMR vendors alike, and provides an “Instant On” service connecting hospital and commercial labs with EMR systems instantly. This innovative, cost-effective service eliminates the need for custom, resource intensive point-to-point interfaces.

iOn Control enables the lab to maintain control, despite the EMR, providing powerful business rules and exception logic to drive lab productivity and profitability with clean orders and accurate results delivery. And iOn Control enables lab branding opportunities within ordering and resulting functions, keeping the lab’s brand in front of the provider. iOn also extends beyond the traditional Lab-EMR connection. Labs may use iOn to offer additional services to their physician customers, such as public health reporting that complies with government guidelines requiring electronic transmission of reportable lab results to public health agencies.

HEX Laboratory Systems

HEX Laboratory Systems released the latest version of LABHEX LIS in December 2011. With many new features and options, LAB/HEX has a high level of flexibility to handle all types of laboratories.

LAB/HEX integrated billing and remittance provides an excellent system for independent commercial labs needing financial software along with their LIS. LAB/HEX Billing can be purchased fully integrated with LAB/HEX LIS or it can be interfaced to another LIS. The HEX December 2010 release included the new ANSI 5010 billing format and HEX is now working on ICD10 for release later this year.

As web portals have become more prevalent, LabCentral has undergone a revision with a new look, more features and adapted for mobile devices. LabCentral provides web result delivery, order entry and requisition printing.

EMR interfaces are another focus of HEX. HEX has developed a more cost effective way (engine) for laboratories to interface to multiple EMR. Individual EMR interfaces are also available.

HEX can install a new system within weeks; can install a new analyzer interface within days and can fix most problems the same day. HEX has support staff 24/7 and phones that are answered by live people. Get software and service you can count on.


For more than 178 years, McKesson has led the healthcare industry in the delivery of medicines and healthcare products to physician offices, pharmacies and hospitals. McKesson is a Fortune 14 company with over 40 years of laboratory information solution experience and world-class support. We are committed to helping organizations improve patient safety, productivity and profitability. Horizon Lab™, an integrated solution for all laboratory settings, automates the entire laboratory process: order entry, point-of-care specimen collection, specimen management, analytic operations, information distribution, and financial and business performance management. The solution suite also includes Horizon Blood Bank™, Horizon MobileCare™ Phlebotomy, Horizon Anatomic PathologyTM, Horizon OutreachWP® for Lab, Horizon Lab Financials™ and our newest offering: Horizon Lab Analytics, which provides an intuitive dashboard with extensive drill-down capabilities for laboratory operations management.

Horizon Lab has been implemented in more than 250 facilities in North America and delivers over 1.5 billion results each year to caregivers in various clinical roles. With between 70-80% of all clinical decisions relying on laboratory data to diagnose or monitor disease conditions, Horizon Lab is a critical component of McKesson’s Better Health 2020 initiative. Through this initiative, McKesson is helping our customers use information technology strategically to enable better business, better care and better connectivity throughout this decade.

From a laboratory information systems perspective, in 2011 McKesson’s Horizon Lab™ release 13.2 received EHR modular certification, deeming the software capable of enabling providers to meet the Stage 1 meaningful use measures required to qualify for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). In addition, this release supports ICD-10 coding in preparation for the October 1, 2013 adoption date.

In 2012, McKesson’s Horizon Lab development initiatives will be focused on anticipated requirements to address ARRA Stage 2 directives as well as general workflow and integration enhancements. Any descriptions of future functionality reflect current product direction, are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a commitment to provide specific functionality. Timing and availability remain at McKesson’s discretion and are subject to change and applicable regulatory approvals.

Orchard Software

Orchard Software’s single and most important objective for 2012 and beyond is to continue our focus developing information systems for the ever-changing lab industry. Our efforts are to strengthen Orchard’s position as the leader in lab software and be the all-inclusive information system vendor for laboratories. As healthcare evolves, the future is information-driven, personalized medicine, and a preponderance of the data that supports these efforts emanates from the laboratory. The ability to electronically generate, structure, store, mine, and disseminate this data is the job of the laboratory information system.

As a leader in the lab systems industry focused on meeting the information needs of today’s laboratory, Orchard recognizes that there are three key challenges facing laboratorians. These challenges are the consolidation and integration of laboratory disciplines, the need for greater remote access to the various information systems, and the integration of all lab data into the EMR.

To meet the challenges of integrated diagnostics, Orchard has established itself as the leader with Orchard® Pathology as the first all-inclusive diagnostic information system, where clinical, molecular, cytology and anatomic testing and reporting is handled by the same system on the same database. The shared database for all departments provides access to the patient’s entire history and enables the consolidation of clinical results to the cytology or pathology report.

For remote access, Orchard® Pathology Web AP was developed to provide an interactive web extension of the Orchard® Pathology system. This module allows pathologists, providers and other staff to access the system via the Internet and to edit, add, review, and sign out cases from remote locations. Orchard Pathology Web AP will be available in early 2012.

For lab data exchange and EMR integration, Orchard® Copia is the first lab network, outreach, and EMR integration system designed by an LIS vendor to also include Client Services and Patient Portal modules for reference laboratories.

Finally, Orchard is working on a new product to be introduced in 2012 that will address a growing need within provider group networks to support the electronic integration of results from testing being done outside of the lab, such as point-of-care (POC) and hand-held devises. This simple software solution eliminates manual entry and allows users to review results prior to releasing them electronically to the EMR. These applications are a few examples of Orchard’s ongoing focus and commitment to the laboratory to be an all-inclusive lab system vendor.

Psyche Systems

Psyche Systems is very excited to share our ranking in this year’s KLAS Top 20 Report results with you–WindoPath® came in number 2 of all Anatomic Pathology LIS solutions rated. Although we were number 2 this year, versus number 1 last year, we were the only company rated that provided a FULL DISCLOSURE level. Full disclosure means that we provided KLAS with access and information for all of our customers. We believe that giving full access and information provides a complete and honest view to the market of our solutions.

We are excited to announce the first Microbiology LIS, from the company who provided the industry’s first true client-server LIS, was the first to introduce the graphical user interface to the pathology laboratory and the first to deliver a securely hosted LIS solution.

Microbiology processing no longer needs to be a manual process. Psyche now offers MicroPath®, a purpose-built, full-featured, easy to use and affordable Microbiology application. MicroPath was developed in conjunction with Microbiologists to ensure that it meets the specific needs and workflow of Microbiologists. Our newest LIS provides:

  • Customizable Workup Protocols
  • Intelligent Batch Result Entry
  • Automated Culture Aging & Reporting
  • Support for Serology, Parasitology, Virology
  • Integrates with Instrumentation/Automation Systems
  • Antibiograms, Epidemiology Reporting & Advanced Data Mining

We are also pleased to announce our launch of our Version 2 for our Outreach solution. Version 2 has all of the industry standard features for web-based order entry and report results, test tracking, etc., plus the following features:

  • Mobile and handheld access
  • Email notification
  • Performing location based requisition rules
  • Courier functionality
  • Ability to display case documents with result reports
  • View patient’s entire history
  • Electronic signatures for Outreach requisitions
  • Fully customizable AP ask at order entry questions
  • Client-specific testing menu
  • Medicare compliance checking
  • ABN form generation for Medicare
  • Standing orders
  • Test compendium/catalog for specimen handling and test information
  • Barcoded requisition form generation

Contact us today to learn more about any of our long-standing industry applications or to request a demonstration of any of our new products.

SCC Soft Computer

SCC Soft Computer’s suites of healthcare information management system solutions enable their clients to do more in less time with fewer FTEs. The new breed of SCC software applications-SCC’s Genetics Information Systems Suite™-has been designed to work natively with Oracle. By centralizing development on the Oracle platform, SCC can simplify software design, development and delivery while focusing development efforts on creating better products and improving time to market. This next generation of SCC genetics information management systems represents the beginning of personalized medicine and the Diagnostic EMR. The Diagnostic EMR differs from the EMR in that it provides correlative results across clinical pathology, anatomic pathology and the LIS, improving the accuracy of the final diagnosis. Caregivers no longer have to “fish” for results from the EMR; the Diagnostic EMR has only the data needed for that diagnosis.

SCC is making a difference in molecular diagnostics (MDx) through advanced LIS technology. The Diagnostic EMR looks for patterns in the patient’s medical history and family medical history and is able to search a wide database; the system is able to correlate a patient’s family medical history to the patient as it looks for the proverbial needle in the haystack. In addition to bringing together clinical pathology and anatomic pathology systems with the LIS, the Diagnostic EMR crosses foreign systems as well as pharmacy and radiology information systems. SCC is currently the only vendor that’s developing a Diagnostic EMR, and the company is pioneering this technology.

SCC will continue to move existing clients to Oracle database. This enables SCC applications to run faster and more safely support more users. Because Oracle offers much greater development flexibility, SCC can develop better applications and spend less time on development. Several internationally renowned academic medical institutions went live with SCC’s genetics information management system solutions at the end of 2011, and the company will continue to develop their advanced genetics platform as more teaching hospitals and pioneers in genetics and MDx choose SCC’s robust genetics information systems.

The company rang in the New Year with several industry accolades and certifications:

· SCC’s SoftLab 4.0.3 received certification as an EHR Module under the Hospital certification criteria. For full certification details, please visit http://www.cchit.org/products/2011-2012/arrafinalrulehospital/3393.

· SCC Soft Computer is honored to be ranked the Number 1 Laboratory Blood Bank application for Large (200+) Hospitals for the third consecutive year in the 2011 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Professional Services reports. SCC’s SoftBank®, a blood bank and transfusion service management system, has been recognized as the category leader in blood bank information management system solutions.

· SCC is also ranked the Number 1 Laboratory application for Small (1-200 beds) Hospitals in the 2011 Top 20 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services report. SCC’s flagship product, SoftLab®, has been recognized as the category leader in laboratory information management system solutions for small hospitals.

In the past ten years, SCC has received numerous awards for workforce training and leadership development. SCC’s commitment to the effective education and training of their internal and external clients helps users get the maximum utilization and value from their LIS investment. More than ever, this is an important component to a successful IT implementation.

· In 2011, SCC was honored with their ninth Training Top 125 award. SCC placed 4th in the 2011 Training Top 125, marking the first time a healthcare IT firm placed in the Training Top 5 twice and the Training Top 10 for four consecutive years. SCC was recognized by Training with a special award for Top Evaluation / Business Metrics Score, and the company received an Outstanding Training Initiative award.

With their placement for the fourth consecutive year in the Training Top 10 (and their second Training Top 5 ranking), SCC is the top-ranked healthcare IT company and shared the spotlight with industry powerhouses.

Because SCC has ranked in the Training Top 10 for four consecutive years, the company will be inducted into the Training Top 10 Hall of Fame in February 2012, along with computer software giant Microsoft Corporation. For details, visit Training on the Web at www.trainingmag.com.

Sunquest Information Systems

As the continued demand is made of our customers to do more with less resource and maintain compliance with government regulation, Sunquest is committed to investing in product development across the portfolio to ensure our products meet the highest standards. Sunquest now has over 35% of total resources dedicated to product development and quality. We continue to lead the industry with regard to the HIPAA 5010 mandate and HITECH Act and Meaningful Use regulations. Our dedication to helping hospital and outreach laboratories generate revenue continues with solutions like Sunquest Outreach Advantage™.

Software vendors such as Sunquest are not covered entities under the HIPAA 5010 regulations; therefore, are not responsible for compliance. However, we know that software vendors are critical to provider compliance and any interruption in vendor implementation of compliant products will delay end-to-end testing. Software systems that submit claims, receive remittances and exchange claim status or eligibility inquiry and responses must be analyzed by providers to identify software and business process changes. Sunquest Clinical Financial™ v6.3 enables clients using the system to be HIPAA 5010 compliant.

Sunquest Clinical Financial was recently enhanced to address the new HIPAA standards for electronic billing and EDI transactions for both 837 and professional and institutional claims and 835 remittance files. Meeting with government officials and continuous monitoring of client preparedness are just two of the ways that Sunquest helps its clients complete the three steps for earning incentives: adopt certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) technologies, achieve Meaningful Use objectives and apply for incentive payments.

Sunquest Outreach Advantage is the industry’s most comprehensive suite of laboratory outreach solutions. Our solutions speak to the major pains of most laboratory outreach programs by providing tools to acquire new business, connect to physicians, transport, track and process specimens, provide excellent customer service, get paid effectively and manage your outreach business through business intelligence. Our closed loop design creates a more dynamic and integrated workflow process and the result is an unparalleled solution for managing your outreach business.

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