ADVANCE for Administrators of the Laboratory eMagazine, June 2016

June 2016


Survival of the Fittest: Is Your IT in Shape?
Lab information systems may need to contract in size, yet expand in reach

Laboratory Improvement Initiatives in Automation
Labs are focused on automating the critical pre- and post-analytical stages

Mass Spec & the Diagnostic Paradigm
Advances in myeloma screening, diagnosis and monitoring using
mass spectrometry

POCT in the Emergency Department
The healthcare industry has realized the value of POCT as an option in emergencies

Roadmap to Patient Care
The importance of coagulation testing in healthcare

Ramifications of Chronic Transfusions
Examining blood characteristics before the procedure is imperative

Hereditary Breast & Ovarian Cancer Diagnostics
Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer testing in the genomics age


On Record
Money Talks

Quest for Quality
Are You Planning Ahead?

Perspectives in Pathology
A Tale of Two Assays, Part 1

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