GenomeQuest Joins Personalized Medicine Coalition

GenomeQuest Inc. has joined the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC), a not-for-profit advocacy and educational coalition that advances the understanding and adoption of personalized medicine. GenomeQuest also announces it will sponsor the personalized medicine conference at Harvard Medical School. Now in its seventh year, the meeting serves as the PMC’s annual conference and brings together leaders from across the personalized medicine field.

“With unsustainable costs and an aging population, our healthcare system faces major challenges. Personalized medicine can be a major part of the solution; more precise, genomic-driven medicine will result in better and more cost-effective health care,” says Richard Resnick, CEO of GenomeQuest. “We’re proud and pleased to be joining the PMC. They are doing a masterful job of leading the collaboration of the healthcare industry as we collectively plan, communicate and implement this more personalized approach to medical care.”

Edward Abrahams, president of the PMC, says, “A major challenge to advancing personalized medicine is understanding the clinical utility of large amounts of genomic data. Researchers need to be able to analyze new data and clinicians need to be able to generate medically actionable information from these results. We’re excited to welcome GenomeQuest, a leader in sequence data management, to PMC to enhance our collaborative effort to see the implementation of a new medical paradigm.”

This announcement follows earlier news from GenomeQuest on a step forward for personalized medicine in diagnostics reporting: Clinical practitioners can now interactively produce and query a patient report for genetic tests spanning over 2000 inherited diseases from a single whole-genome or exome sequence.