Leica Acquires Labindia’s Microscopy and Histopathology Divisions

Leica Microsystems announces it has acquired the microscopy and histopathology business of Labindia Instruments Pvt. Ltd., a leading solutions and service provider in India. This transition comes after more than 20 years during which Labindia has successfully distributed Leica’s products in India. Over 130 associates from Labindia have transferred to Leica Microsystems to sustain continuity for existing customers who will continue to benefit from Labindia’s wide experience of their needs and applications. In effect the acquisition is a natural culmination of a long and fruitful partnership and supports Leica Microsystems’ strategy to expand its operations in India.

“Leica Microsystems’ expansion of its commercial operations in India creates extended opportunities for interaction, collaboration and innovation to benefit all of our customers in the life sciences, industrial laboratories and hospitals for both diagnostics and surgery,” explains Arnd Kaldowski, president Leica Microsystems. “This acquisition will enable closer contact with our customers so that we can better support them in their day-to-day work.”

Labindia’s and Leica Microsystems’ shared history dates back to the end of the 1980s when the Indian company started serving Indian customers of Reichert Jung, which shortly afterwards became part of Leica.

Vijay Bibikar, director Labindia, says, “We are convinced that at this point in time this agreement is a logical further step in the long history of close cooperation between Labindia and Leica Microsystems and that it will be beneficial to all our customers.” Says Kaldowski:,”We highly appreciate the work that our partner Labindia has done driving our business in India to its present high level. We are excited about the future potential of the Indian market and the potential to help our customers to meet with their professional challenges.”