Transfusion Medicine Self-Assessment and Review

Vol. 15 •Issue 12 • Page 26
Book Review

Transfusion Medicine Self-Assessment and Review

By Pam S. Helekar, Douglas P. Blackall, Jeffrey L. Winters and Darrell J. Triulzi

Published by AABB Press, 2002, 435 pages

The title of this book is self-explanatory. This is a comprehensive review of all aspects of blood banking. The book is divided into 14 chapters with 380 questions. Each question is multiple choice with five possible answers.

The first chapter starts with blood donors and blood collection covering questions such as pulse and hematocrit values to temporary and permanent deferral due to diseases. The preparation and storage of blood components is covered in the second chapter.

The third and fourth chapters discuss the carbohydrate-based antigens (e.g., ABO, P, Lewis) and the protein-based antigens (e.g., Kidd, Duffy, Rh systems). The testing, antibody identification and use of blood components using case studies with antibody identification tables are the focuses of the fifth and sixth chapters.

The seventh chapter presents questions about hematopoietic progenitor cells, cord blood and growth factors. The eighth chapter covers hemolytic disease and Rh immune globulin. Questions about noninfectious (e.g., hemolytic transfusion reactions, allergic reactions) and infectious (e.g., hepatitis, HIV) complications of transfusions are asked and answered in the ninth and 10th chapters. The 11th chapter covers coagulation issues, such as hemophilia, heparin and coumadin therapy. Chapters 12-14 examine therapeutic hemapheresis, the HLA system and parentage testing.

I recommend this book for anyone taking board exams or who wants to refresh his or her blood bank training. The explanations are detailed with a good use of tables and figures.

Every blood bank should have this book.

• This book is available from the American Association of Blood Banks, 8101 Glenbrook Rd., Bethesda, MD 20814-2749. Cost is $80.00 (members), $100.00 (non-members).

Judith Trojan is supervisor of hematology, coagulation, and flow cytometry at the VA-Central Texas Health Care System, Temple, Texas.

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