Webinar: Basic Principles of Validation in Histology

All laboratory processes, methods and instruments require validation before use

Any laboratory process, method or instrument requires validation before use. This presentation will cover the basic principles of validation that can be applied throughout the histology laboratory. CLIA (and therefore CAP and JC) requirements will be reviewed and the way they are applied to histology will be discussed. Examples will be presented for process, method (i.e., stain) and instrument validation. Model procedures will be provided.

Join Tim Morken, pathology site manager, parnassus supervisor and electron microscopy/neuromuscular special studies in the department of pathology at UC San Francisco Medical Center, on Tuesday, September 15th at 3:00 pm EST for the free webinar, “Basic Principles of Validation in Histology.” Following the presentation, our speaker will take part in an interactive Q&A session. Please come prepared with your questions on this topic.

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