2016 Focus on Education eMagazine


Onward and Upward
With the rebounding economy, healthcare employers are looking to add qualified staff. Having the proper education and qualifications can set you apart from the wave of applicants.

Enhancing Education
Custom-built learning centers blend traditional and high-tech education.

The Road to CEs
With so many CE avenues to choose from, it may be time to reset your GPS.

Recruiting Healthcare Faculty
Practical strategies are needed to fill critical teaching roles.

Capitalizing on Clinical Rotations
One student’s perspective on completing the clinical portion of her degree.

Overcoming Student Loans
Educational debt is a common reality, but proper forethought and planning can ease the burden.

A Critical Condition
Advanced education fosters the next generation of healthcare leaders.

Fading Stigma?
Online degree programs are earning national support and credibility.

Becoming an Adjunct Educator
Teaching others with fresh perspectives can breathe new life into your career.

Conference Crash Course
Healthcare conferences can be hectic, but present valuable opportunities for the well-prepared.

Moving Into Management
Transitioning to a supervisory role brings both pitfalls and payoffs.

Narrow Focus, Wide Range
Make yourself indispensable by honing in on a specialty.

Offshore Programs Becoming More Popular
Do your homework before pursuing a medical degree through a foreign school.



Healthcare Market Gains Momentum

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