2016 Nursing Salaries by Facility Location and Type

Urban vs. rural? Large hospital or small? If you’re wondering which setting is more lucrative, look no further than the 3rd rollout of the ADVANCE for Nurses 2016 salary survey. Nurses who worked in cities were approximately 4% more likely than their peers to earn over $100,000.

The greatest concentration of survey respondents–807 nurses– worked in hospitals with 201-300 patients beds. That was followed by the 774 survey takers who work at hospitals with 500-plus patient beds. Is bigger necessarily better? 20% of nurses at the largest facilities brought home $100,000 or higher this year, as compared to the 8% of their peers at the smallest facilities (50 beds or fewer) who earned $100,000.

The hospital setting is the most popular among readers, yet their are other settings where nurses can use their talents. How lucrative is home health? Is working in academia a viable career option? For an in-depth look at these and other issues, download part 3 of our exclusive nursing salary survey data. And come back in December when we uncover more salary secrets.

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