2016 Nursing Salaries by Specialty and Education

Is the most popular nursing specialty also the most lucrative? Our second online rollout of nurses’ salary survey data breaks down compensation by specialty. OR/PACU nursing claimed the highest percentage of respondents (24%) who earned $100,000 and above. Yet, the most represented specialty, with 17% of survey takers, was the broad category of “other.”

For those debating going back to school for a higher nursing degree, we present salary bands across different levels of nursing, from RNs to PhDs. Of all nurses making $100,000 or higher, 42.8% have a MSN as their terminal degree.

And if you’ve wondered about the value of certifications in your area of specialty, wonder no more. We broke down compensation between readers with and without nursing certifications. While those with specialty certifications are more likely to earn in the higher end of the salary brackets, those without certifications outnumbered their peers by 1200 survey-takers

For an in-depth look at these issues, download part 2 of our exclusive nursing salary survey data. And come back in November when we uncover more salary secrets.

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