A Better Headspace: Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness Wherever You Are

Overwhelmed nurse sits alone in hallway with head in hand

For nurses and other healthcare professionals, the burden of care can be heavy, even in the best of times. Add the pressure of a pandemic and a strained healthcare system, and the weight can feel overwhelming.

That is why self-care, in particular, is so important. Important, but not necessarily complicated. While self-care can be as involved as a spa retreat or a weekend getaway, it can also be practiced between shifts, on the commute, or in a breakroom.

Join yoga and meditation trainer Becky Vollmer, E-RYT, as she walks through four stress-relieving exercises ideal for busy nurses on the go:

Stress-relieving exercises for nurses, Part 1

Bring yoga off the mat with breathing exercises you can practice in your car.

Stress-relieving exercises for nurses, Part 2

Ease tension in your back, neck, and shoulders with these simple 5-minute stretches.

Stress-relieving exercises for nurses, Part 3

Ease tense muscles with a 5-minute stretching routine you can do in your chair. No equipment needed!

Stress-relieving exercises for nurses, Part 4

Calm racing thoughts with a quick breathing and meditation exercise.

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