AOTA Announces Town Hall Meetings for Next Week

Times of great change call for involvement across profession

In this time of great change, the American Occupational Therapy Associationwants each member’s thoughts on how the governance of the organization should evolve, ensuring it is a responsive, diverse, inclusive, and effective association for the future?

All OTs, whether AOTA members or not, are invited to share thoughts on refinements to the association’s decision-making structure and process through a town hall session paired with small discussion groups hosted by AOTA’s Governance Enhancement Task Force. By sharing your perspective, you will help AOTA continue to advance occupational therapy practice, and to serve the education, research, and advocacy needs of the profession for generations to come. 

Participation and commentary will remain confidential, reported in summary format, and accessed only by the internal research team, staffed by AMC Consulting.

About the Governance Enhancement Initiative

Every day AOTA serves its members, it does so under the guidance of a broad team of volunteer leaders who set priorities for the association and are focused on advancing the occupational therapy profession. 

The strength of AOTA’s governance—including a Board of Directors, a Representative Assembly, and other advisory committees—is strongly tied to how effective AOTA can be in fulfilling its mission and vision.

With a commitment to creating a more effective and efficient decision-making structure and process, and to becoming a more nimble, inclusive and transparent organization overall, AOTA’s Board of Directors established a Task Force and AOTA contracted with a governance expert to explore options to refine and streamline the AOTA governance structure and process.

Perspectives and opinions from AOTA members on governance, and goals for being involved in the association, will be sought throughout this enhancement process. A variety of methods for soliciting insights and feedback from members are in development. Member insights will be combined with the perspectives of current leaders and association best practices to inform recommendations for the future.

In late 2020 or early 2021, the findings of this exploration and recommendations will be presented to the Board of Directors and Representative Assembly, and shared with members.


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