TikTok Has Users Adding Birth Control Pills to Shampoo

But these birth control pills won’t have desired effect, doctor advises

A bizarre new online trend is seeing TikTok users add crushed birth control pills to their shampoo in a bid to make their hair grow. 

Believing the high levels of estrogen in hormonal contraceptives can help them grow fuller, thicker locks, people from around the world have filmed themselves taking part in the odd ritual.

But cosmetic doctor Dr. Shirin Lakhani of Elite Aesthetics debunked the theory, explaining that while hormone balance plays a vital role in various forms of hair growth, crushing up birth control pills and washing your hair with them won’t work. She explained that contraceptive pills are not designed to be absorbed through the skin, rendering the bonkers new beauty hack essentially pointless. 

“Hormones can have a direct effect on a number of health and beauty issues,” said Dr. Lakhani. “They can also play a part in regulating the hair growth cycle. For this reason I can see why people may think that adding hormonal contraceptives to shampoo makes hair grow longer.

“However, the viral trend for adding hormonal contraceptives to shampoo in a bid to make hair grow longer won’t work. Hormonal contraceptives are not designed to be absorbed transdermally and the skin is an otherwise impermeable barrier.”

Alternatively, Dr Shirin advised ensuring your diet is rich in biotin and B-vitamins to boost hair growth, which can be found in certain root vegetables and leafy greens. 

“I would advise trying to eat a diet rich in biotin because hair needs this for growth, she explained. Biotin also helps skin glands make an oily substance called sebum. Sebum moisturizes the scalp and helps keep hair healthy.”

“To ensure enough biotin, try to include sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, spinach and kale into your diet.”

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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