CDI Offers New High-Field Open MRI

Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI), a provider of diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology services through its network of centers and mobile imaging solutions, has installed a new high-field open MRI in its Puyallup outpatient center, providing patients who suffer from claustrophobia or exceed the size limit of traditional MRI equipment a new option for getting the care they need, according to a press release from CDI.

CDI’s new high-field open MRI combines the comfort of a spacious and completely open design with clear, high-quality images and faster scan times. This helps provide a less stressful experience for patients who are claustrophobic or whose height and weight prevent them from getting a traditional MRI, the release noted.

“The high-field open MRI is a great option for a variety of patients,” states Steve Pollei, M.D., medical director and neuroradiologist, CDI. “It allows them to complete their MRI more comfortably and without sedation. And with the strength of the high-field magnet, my team is able to capture very clear images for an accurate diagnosis.”

The CDI network of outpatient centers throughout Puget Sound provides the widest variety of MRI equipment in Washington, including Open Upright and wide-bore options. An ultra-high-field, wide-bore 3T MRI will be coming soon to the CDI Bellevue location.

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