2015 Salary Survey Results!

How does your pay measure up to rehab professionals around the country?

It’s a time-honored annual tradition at ADVANCE to produce a comprehensive salary survey, offering our readers coveted insight into the money that rehab professionals are making nationwide. This year, we pored over the revealing numbers and broke them down by region, gender, highest degree earned, practice setting and more! A total of 1,370 respondents contributed through the ADVANCE for Physical Therapy & Rehab Medicine website between Nov. 10, 2014, and Jan. 31, 2015. As usual, the numbers both intrigued and depicted a generally positive picture for the profession. Of the 1,370 participants, we heard from 908 physical therapists and 376 physical therapists assistants, with the remaining respondents including athletic trainers and professionals who classified themselves as professors, lecturers, instructors or other. The following downloadable PDFs present the data in much greater detail, both on a national level and calculated for all five regions of the country: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic/Lower Great Lakes, South, Midwest, and West.

ADVANCE thanks our enthusiastic respondents nationwide and we hope you enjoy reading the results!

[toggle title=”Checking the Numbers” load=”show”]regionmap_nationalADVANCE reveals the results of our 2015 PT Salary Survey.

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[toggle title=”Northeast” load=”hide”]northeastregionmapThis region featured the highest number of PT respondents.

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[toggle title=”Mid-Atlantic/Lower Great Lakes” load=”hide”]midatlantictregionmapThis region claimed the highest percentage of DPTs.

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[toggle title=”South” load=”hide”]southregionmapThis region claimed the highest number of PTS respondents.

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[toggle title=”Midwest” load=”hide”]midwestregionmapThis region claimed the highest percentage of MPTs.

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[toggle title=”West” load=”hide”]westregionmapThis region featured the highest percentage of PTs making at least $100,000.

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