Free Tool Kit: 8 Resources for Acute Care Therapy

Acute Care Therapy Tool Kit

The Net Health Therapy team is constantly working with their teams of internal experts and network of hospital clients to create valuable resources to help therapy directors and rehab managers improve operations, outcomes, staff management, and business performance in hospital-based rehabilitation.

Check out this free tool kit to get instant access to 8 valuable tools and resources for rehab managers, including recent E-books, webinar recordings, curated blog posts, and business tools, created to address the unique demands of managing acute care therapy.

Tool kit includes these resources:

  • Webinar recording: Dynamic Staffing and Productivity in Acute Therapy
  • Webinar recording: Acute Care Therapy Trends and Best Practices
  • E-book: 3 Ways Real-Time Data Improves Acute Care Therapy Workflows
  • E-book: Enhance Your Hospital Therapy Operations Across the Board
  • Blog: Addressing Productivity and Staffing Challenges in Acute Care Therapy
  • Blog: Communication, Documentation, and Education in Acute Therapy
  • Business tool: Acute Care Therapist Productivity Calculator
  • Case study: Ohio County Healthcare + Net Health Therapy
  • Product overview: Net Health Therapy for Acute Care

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