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Speech & Hearing July 2016
July 2016

Brain Stem Stroke: A Case Study

Acute rehab, early intervention for autism, hearing aid advances, and more.

To maximize each client’s potential speech-language pathologists collaborate with interdisciplinary teams including physicians, therapists and other specialists, which is crucial. The implementation of a variety of treatment approaches based on the individual needs of the client is also critical.

An example of a complex case in which collaboration was necessary is the case of Ben, a 38-year-old male who began feeling right upper extremity twitching and slurred speech. This evolved and progressed and an MRI revealed a severe brain stem stroke. Ben was ultimately diagnosed with Locked-In Syndrome. He was unable to move any part of his body although his receptive and expressive language and cognition remained entirely intact.

Enter, a team of clinicians at Kessler Rehabilitation in West Orange, N.J., led by an SLP who would use systematic and interdisciplinary approach to help unlock Ben’s world.

Read more in the cover story of this digital edition. Plus, find articles on the following speech and hearing topics:

  • Early Intervention for Autism
  • Hearing Aids, Apps & Pop Culture
  • Electronic Practice Management
  • Music Therapy for Alzheimer’s Patients
  • Career Advice: Salary Negotiation

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