Speech & Hearing eMagazine, May/June 2016

Speech & Hearing May/June 2016 May/June 2016

Involving Parents in Stuttering Therapy

Reinforcing strategies at home, mobile apps for hearing aids, post-stoke dysphagia, and more.

Matters of disfluency can manifest themselves in a variety of ways and can be triggered by a number of different circumstances.

But even those of us who do not struggle with a stutter can relate to how exasperating it is when you have something to say but cannot – or are not being allowed – to articulate it.

For children who stutter, it seems to make perfect sense that the security and comfort of home would be the best place to help refine and reinforce strategies for working through their disfluency, but the process involves quite a bit of commitment and hard work from parents and siblings.

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