Speech & Hearing eMagazine, November 2016

Speech & Hearing November 2016

November 2016

Speech Teletherapy: A Growing Trend

How one next generation platform is helping to ease the speech therapist shortage, and more!

Speech teletherapy or telepractice, is a growing trend in the field of speech language pathology – especially as the demand for therapists is only increasing. And with advances in technology, these platforms are becoming more user-friendly and proving to be a cost-effective way to obtain therapy services.

One of the biggest benefits of teletherapy is that it increases therapists’ access to patients. The ability to conduct a session remotely allows therapists to reach places that are difficult to travel to due to safety reasons, parking issues or distance.
The cover story of this issue explores how teletherapy is opening up opportunities for significantly more patients to receive therapeutic care.

Plus, find additional articles dealing with topics of importance to speech and hearing professionals, including:

  • SGAs and Weight Gain in Kids with Autism
  • Inpatient Dysphagia: A Case Study
  • Sudden Hearing Loss in an Adolescent Patient
  • The Importance of the Second Interview
  • Cochlear Implant Continuum of Care

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