Advanced Modes and Features of Home Mechanical Ventilators

Ventilator technology has changed significantly over the past 30 years with newer modes and features being made available on home care ventilators that at one time were limited to ICU ventilators. In 2010, we are experiencing what can be termed the third generation in home mechanical ventilation. First generation ventilators were strictly pressure-triggered volume control ventilators, with pressure control options being made available a short time later. The second generation of home ventilators offered continuous flow, pressure support, flow triggering, smaller size and weight, and longer internal battery life. Third generation home care ventilators are in many ways comparable to ICU ventilators – offering modes and features that were limited to ICU ventilators or that some ICU ventilators don’t even offer today. Furthermore, with newer technology the size and weight got smaller and the internal battery life longer. Explore the advanced modes and features of the newest mechanical ventilators for the US home care market. Mixed Modes such as PRVC will be discussed. Followed by a discussion of pressure control, pressure support and volume ventilation. New features such as Adaptive Peak Flow and Adaptive I-Time, Easy Exhale, Smart-Triggering, Adaptive Bilevel and graphic monitoring will be highlighted.

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Mark Barch, MS, RRT, RCP

Clinical Applications Manager, GE Healthcare – Home Care Channel