Are You Sleep Savvy? Quiz 11

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1. The MOST common cause for insomnia in the general population is:

a. Inadequate sleep hygiene
b. Sleep onset association disorder
c. Misperception of sleep state
d. Shift work

2. The number of events that occur within a particular period is referred to as:

a. Duration
b. Frequency
c. Amplitude
d. Sampling

3. Which of the following is the BEST method to aid in the clarification and differentiation of central versus obstructive respiratory events?

a. Impedance pneumography
b. Intercostal EMG
c. Piezo technology
d. Strain gauge

4. During a bilevel PAP titration the patient’s apnea is resolved on pressures of IPAP 9 and EPAP of 5 cm H20 but the hypopnea events continue. According to RECOMMENDED guidelines, the next pressure change would be to:

a. Increase IPAP to 10
b. Increase EPAP to 6
c. Decrease IPAP to 8
d. Decrease EPAP to 4

5. According to RECOMMENDED guidelines, when titrating supplemental oxygen the interval required between changes is no shorter than:

a. 3 minutes
b. 5 minutes
c. 10 minutes
d. 15 minutes

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