Are You Sleep Savvy? Quiz 7 Answer Key

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1. When reviewing a patient’s history in preparation for a polysomnogram, physiologic findings suggestive of hypoventilation include:

a. Hypertension and stridor
b. Nocturnal eating and GERD
c. Hypotension and dizziness
d. Hypoxia and hypercapnia

Answer: d

2. Which ECG rhythm would indicate the need for immediate intervention?

a. Atrial fibrillation
b. Brady-tachy arrhythmia
c. Trigeminy
d. Ventricular tachycardia

Answer: d

3. According to RECOMMENDED guidelines, CPAP should be increased after observing at least:

a. 2 obstructive apneas
b. 3 RERAs
c. 5 hypopneas
d. 5 minutes of unambiguous snoring

Answer: a

4. According to RECOMMENDED guidelines, in patients who do not generate a dominant posterior alpha rhythm, which would indicate scoring stage N1?

a. 11-15 Hz background activity
b. Hypnopompic hypersynchrony
c. Sleep spindles
d. Vertex waves

Answer: d

5. Calculate the AHI based on the following data: 25 obstructive apneas, 5 central apneas, 23 mixed apneas, 15 hypopneas, 48 RERAs, 65 arousals, 360 min of sleep

a. 2
b. 11
c. 19
d. 32

Answer: b

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