‘Green’ Window Inserts Help Night Shift Workers Sleep

Night shift workers seeking to improve their sleep and health now have a solution with a blackout window insert that blocks all light and significantly dampens noise.

Indow of Portland, Ore. is re-launching its Sleep Panels which the company says make a room utterly dark while reducing sound coming through the windows by more than 50%. The inserts have all the energy-efficient properties of the original award-winning transparent Indow inserts.

Like all Indow inserts, they require no destructive track or magnetic system. They’re edged with the company’s patented Compression Tube and laser measured for a precise fit in older, out-of-square windows. The lightweight, simple inserts press into place and can be easily removed to let in light and fresh air.

The U.S. has a large number of shift workers. More than 21 million wage and salary workers, or 17.7%, work an alternate shift that falls at least partially outside daytime work hours, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported.

Indow was founded in 2010 after CEO Sam Pardue found a better way to insulate the windows in his 1906 Portland Craftsman home. The result was Indow’s custom-manufactured inserts edged with the company’s patented Compression Tube. They are now sold in 38 states as well as Canada.

The company has received national accolades for its design. In 2014, it won a Green Award from Door & Window Market Magazine as well as a Top Product of the Year Award in the Environmental Leader Product & Project Awards.

Indow inserts are 100% made in the U.S. Learn more about Indow and other awards the company has earned at www.IndowWindows.com.

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