Health Nuts Media Releases Animated Asthma Series in Spanish

Health Nuts Media has launched a Spanish-language version of its animated asthma education series Huff & Puff: An Asthma Tale. The seven-episode series, aimed as a teaching tool for kids with asthma, is now available to millions of Spanish speakers who suffer from the chronic pulmonary condition.

“Rates of asthma are on the rise among children, especially Latino kids across the United States,” said Gregg Alexander, Chief Medical Officer, Health Nuts Media. “If we can make learning about asthma fun, we can reach that many more families with the information they need to take better control of their health.”

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In Soplar & Rabiar: Un Cuento de Asma (Huff & Puff: An Asthma Tale), the Big Bad Wolf huffs…and he puffs…and has asthma attack! Viewers follow “Grande” on a journey of discovery as he learns about asthma and how to treat it. Watch a preview of it here: Dr. Barry Lachman, Medical Director at Parkland Community Health Plan, provided clinical oversight of the material.

“This educational series is a powerful tool for the management of pediatric asthma,” said Daniel McAllister, MD, Director of Inpatient Pediatrics at McClain Children’s Hospital Scott & White. “As a major hospital network in Central Texas, Scott & White understands the importance of Spanish-language health education. Making it easy to understand, and fun to learn only improves the chances that children and their families will be able to better control their asthma.”

Source: Health Nuts Media

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