Homefill Oxygen System Hits Milestone

Invacare Corporation anounced this week that it has shipped the 200,000th Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System into the field, extending to nearly one million users.

The HomeFill Oxygen System allows patients to fill their own high-pressure cylinders from a concentrator. The ability to fill their own cylinders gives ambulatory oxygen patients greater independence and freedom. Oxygen providers also benefit from the virtual elimination of time-consuming and costly service calls associated with cylinder and/or liquid oxygen deliveries.

J. B. Richey, senior vice president of electronic and design engineering at Invacare Corporation and president of Invacare Technologies Division, is the man behind the HomeFill System. “When we first launched the HomeFill System, the idea of having patients fill their own cylinders at home was considered radical,” said J. B. Richey, president of Invacare Technologies Division, “but Invacare was always behind this product. Non-delivery oxygen is good business for providers and provides patients with an endless supply of oxygen. It’s a win-win.”