Innovative Models of Care to Prevent Avoidable COPD Readmissions

Hospital readmission rates have become a critical measure of both quality and cost of healthcare. The focus on hospital readmissions provides an opportunity for implementing new, multidisciplinary approaches to care across the continuum. In ambulatory settings, risk stratification has been employed as a common and successful approach, while the inpatient and post-acute silos are working desperately in the reactive mode to find root causes and solutions to those who are the high risk population in crisis.

One in five COPD patients who are hospitalized with an acute exacerbation are readmitted within 30 days. There is an urgent need for the development of innovative models of care that prevent avoidable readmissions and ultimately the admission in the first place. While health delivery systems seek solutions that can be implemented now, it is important that new strategies are tested and science based in order to achieve long term improvements in health outcomes.

The First COPD Readmissions Summit, hosted by the COPD Foundation, identified the large gaps in evidence to substantiate best practices in reducing COPD related readmissions. There was also a clear call for a collaborative approach, including active patient engagement, in the design, research and translation of best practice strategies. Since the Summit, new initiatives have begun to shed some light on what these best practices will look like, including the recently completed Beacon Community grant, funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) within the Carolinas Healthcare System.

Join us to learn how the Beacon Grant’s focus on COPD care is helping to create new models and learn about their multidisciplinary strategy driven by respiratory therapists, case managers and nurse partners. Learn how the Second COPD Readmissions Summit and the COPD Foundation’s new PRAXIS initiative will lead to consensus around best practices and new innovations to fill the knowledge gaps that still remain. Gain practical advice on strategies that may work for you, learn about resources available for your patients and you in COPD and hear about ongoing opportunities to connect your patients to clinical research projects that seek to improve their outcomes.

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Featured Speakers

Jamie Sullivan, MPH

Senior Director of Public Policy and Outcomes, The COPD Foundation

Deb McGowan RN, BSN, ACM, CHCP

Senior Director of Health Outcomes, The COPD Foundation

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