New Book Is Geared for Parents of Asthmatics

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New Book Is Geared for Parents of Asthmatics

There is an old adage in respiratory care that proclaims: “All that wheezes is not always asthma.” Congestive heart failure and foreign body airway obstruction, especially in children, can also cause wheezing. Asthma, however, still remains a killer.

As a result, an international initiative is under way to control symptoms and decrease asthma severity. Early diagnosis, patient and family education and appropriate use of monitoring adjuncts and controller/rescue medications will help ease the financial and emotional toll asthma takes.

Asthma is better understood today than ever before. The condition strikes the very young or the adult, rich or poor, urbanite or suburbanite, across the spectrum of society. Hardest hit are children, and the strain on the family dynamic is immense. By following specific guidelines, parents can lessen exacerbations of their child’s asthma and eliminate limitations on their lives. The guidelines are spelled out in Positive Options for Children with Asthma, a well-written guide for parents of asthmatic children.

In his new book, O.P. Jaggi, MD, an international expert on asthma, tries to demystify the condition. He explains that not all wheezing is asthma and also tries to assuage parents’ fears and anxieties. Jaggi describes trigger mechanisms, early signs and symptoms and diagnostic testing in detail. He explains the differences between rescue and prophylactic medications and the utility of anti-inflammatories and bronchodilators. He also presents insights into alternative therapies, diet regimens and holistic medical practices and describes medication delivery systems in lay terms. He also details preventive measures and practices to help decrease attacks.

As the child with asthma grows older, it is difficult for parents to ensure that the guidelines for health and maintenance are followed. Jaggi offers suggestions to make this regimen routine.

Positive Options for Children With Asthma is an excellent guide for parents. The information is straight forward, concise and easy to understand. The subtext boxes and illustrations strengthen the message. The glossary will help the reader understand the more complex wording of the book. The index will allow the reader to reference specific topics. The resource section offers a complete list of informational organizations, retailers and Web sites.

Positive Options for Children with Asthma is a very useful guidebook for asthma educators to use to help enrich the message of asthma control.

This book, published in 2005, is available from Hunter House, Box 2914, 1515 1/2 Park Street, Alameda, CA 94501, or phone 510-865-5282. Cost of the 154-page soft cover book is $12.95. ISBN# is 0-89793-453-9.

Dave Kissin is a Maine practitioner.

Positive Options for Children with Asthma
By O.P Jaggi, MD, PhD
Published by Hunter House 205
154 Pages Cost: $12.95

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