New Book Provides Handy Guidelines for Home Care

Vol. 19 •Issue 24 • Page 23A
Book Review

New Book Provides Handy Guidelines for Home Care

Respiratory therapist Dana Oakes does it again. Along with co-author therapists Kenneth Wyka and Kathleen Wyka, he has published a handbook designed especially with respiratory therapists in mind. This time, it is “an on-site reference guide” titled Respiratory Home Care. Guidelines, therapist responsibilities and assessments are presented in a clear and concise manner.

Beginning with discharge planning, including respiratory care plans for home care patients and goals for the home care provider, this guide follows through with home visit expectations, home care patient exams and assessments.

The book then discusses home care oxygen adjuncts, aerosol therapies (including medication delivery devices and techniques), airway clearance, bronchial hygiene and pulmonary rehabilitation exercises.

Other topics touched on are discussions of patient airway care in the home including airway emergencies, suctioning of artificial airways and invasive and non-invasive mechanical ventilation in the home.

Sleep medicine is given a chapter of its own, describing sleep disorders, diagnoses and treatment options.

Chapter 14 is one of the most important and well-written. Covered are common pulmonary disorders of home care patients and range from descriptions and clinical presentations to treatment modalities.

As in all of Dana Oakes’ reference guides, there is a chapter dedicated to pharmacology with a very good drug dosage calculator in table form.

Oakes’ Respiratory Home Care is the definitive pocket reference for all home care providers and discharge planners. It is truly pocket-sized and user friendly and rife with excellent descriptors and useful tables.

This is a “must have” book from a reliable respiratory resource in Northern “Downeast” Maine.

This hard cover book is available from Health Educator Publications Inc., 63 Gould Road, Orono, ME, or call (207) 262-0123. ISBN# 0932887260.Cost is $25.95.

About the reviewer: Dave Kissin is an educator and staff member at Maine Medical Center, Portland.

Respiratory Home Care
By Dana Oakes, Ken Wyka, Kathleen Wyka
Published by Respiratory Books 2006