Philips Debuts Home System to Generate and Store Liquid Oxygen

Royal Philips Electronics has introduced the HomeLox portable liquid oxygen system, enabling oxygen users to generate and store the liquid form of oxygen in the home setting. The HomeLox system offers long-lasting and lightweight characteristics of traditional liquid systems, while freeing users from difficulties of filling and dependence on deliveries associated with conventional systems.

HomeLox includes a liquid oxygen generation and storage unit that remains in the user’s home, and a lightweight portable device, GoLox. HomeLox generates liquid oxygen by converting room air into oxygen, and then chilling and converting it to liquid form using a proprietary refrigerant along with standard refrigeration technology found in industrial and household applications. The liquid oxygen is stored within the HomeLox unit until transferred to GoLox for portable use.

The HomeLox system features a hands-free clean filling process. To fill the GoLox portable device, the user simply places the unit on top of HomeLox, turns and locks the unit, and pulls the filling lever. The hands-free process helps reduce freezing, overfilling, and under filling.