Salter Labs Announces Availability of #7900 High Flow Humidifier

The Salter Labs #7900 High Flow Humidifier is now available for order. The #7900 High Flow Humidifier is a dry bubble humidifier cleared for oxygen flows of 6-15 LPM. It is the ideal complement to the 1600HF Series of High Flow Cannulas.

This system provides unmatched performance for patients requiring oxygen flow rates of 6-15 LPM. The product line is available in multiple configurations including convenient prepackaged kits that contain a high flow cannula to enable efficient and effective patient setups for clinicians and caregivers.

Part #s:
7900-0-25 High Flow Bubble Humidifier (25/cs)

7907-7-10 High Flow (HF) Humidifier packaged with 7′ HF Cannula (10/cs)

7914-14-10 High Flow (HF) Humidifier packaged with 14′ HF Cannula (10/cs)

7925-25-10 High Flow (HF) Humidifier packaged with 25′ HF Cannula (10/cs)

For more information: 800 421-0024

SOURCE: Salter Labs