Sleep Medicine Crossword


2. These professionals can become certified to provide oral appliances

3.Type of sleep study

5. Walking, eating or driving while asleep are all good examples

6. A highly effective treatment option to help snorers, but compliance can be difficult

7. Timed bright light therapy can help treat this disorder

10. Disorder characterized by pauses in breathing due to blockage of the airway

12. Sleep stage characterized by tonic and phasic categories; also the name of a popular band

14. State-by-state legislative efforts sweeping the field aim to establish this

15. Excessive daytime sleepiness, results in falling asleep spontaneously

16. Group of medications usually prescribed for sleep problems

18. This test of daytime sleepiness involves naps every second hour

19. Alternative location for a sleep study

21. motion-sensing device worn on the wrist


1. Disrupting this rhythm can lead to other sleep problems

3. Working like this can lead to sleep problems

4. This can keep you up all night

8. Shallow breathing during sleep

9. This scale measures daytime sleepiness

11. A sharp decrease in this has been seen since the AAP and others began their ‘Back to Sleep’ campaign

13. Having the RPSGT credential means you’re one of these

17. Used during a sleep study, this indirectly measures the oxygen saturation of a patient’s blood

18. Hormone produced by the pineal gland or taken as a supplement.

20. Night terrors are one example

22. Too much of this close to bedtime can disturb the sleep cycle and may cause strange dreams

23. Urge to move legs to alleviate an uncomfortable sensation

24. comprehensive study of sleep

25. staff position dedicated to teaching patients how to use their PAP device, following up to make sure they use it and more