Elite Learning Reviews

Elite Learning Nursing Education Reviews

The course(s)/booklet was very informative. The reading was easy to follow and concise.

La-Keichia, AK Nurse 

Very well organized material. The case study that progressed through the learning material helped to see the full picture of how the treatment of a pediatric ALL patient progresses. Very helpful!

Sharla, AK, Nurse 

Course is efficient in developing knowledge at a fast pace for busy lifestyles.

Taila, AL, Nurse 

All courses were very informative and useful in all aspects of nursing. Extremely convenient that one can go very easily at your own pace.

Francisca, CA, Nurse 

All the courses were very easy to read, excellent review on Ohio Nursing Laws and Rules and Geriatric Care. I enjoyed all the other courses as well, very well written, learned a lot. I would definitely take course again through Elite Learning.

Rebecca, OH, Nurse 

Elite Learning is a great company that will help you though your license renewal process. It gives great educational topics that will assist you with education, what is current and giving you the total amount of CEs that you will need in order to renew your license.

Donnette, FL, Nurse 

Great amount of research backed information. The case studies helped me think critically as a nurse. Information was easy to read and grasp.

Tracy, FL, Nurse 

Elite Learning Physician Education Reviews 

Very well put together. Easy to follow and right to the point.

Elizabeth, MI, Physician 

Straightforward course that works well for busy health care professionals.

Leonard, MI, Physician 

Concise and tailored to meeting educational needs for required CME.

Nisha, MI, Physician

Elite Learning Physical Therapy Education Reviews 

Clear, concise, well organized, and easy to understand!!

Wendi, VT, PT 

Great modification to exercises! Will definitely implement some of the interventions with my older adult patients.

Erin, NC, PT 

Good information and options for different patient abilities.

Jody, NC, PT

Elite Learning Occupational Therapy Education Reviews 

Excellent course, good practical information that can be appliced in the real world.

Samantha, FL, OT 

Well written and broken down into segmnts that are easy to follow to assimilate information. Having questions that pertain directly to what is written without trying to confuse you on answers is always helpful to get the most out of the course. Well done!

Danielle, CA, OT 

An easy and convenient way to get useful information that I can apply in my practice as an Occupational Therapist.

Kiz, FL , OT 

Lots of great information and great demonstrations of testing techniques and exercises.

Jena, FL, OT 

Elite Learning Massage Therapy Education Reviews 

Comprehensive content & informative instructors. Price is very affordable.

Joyce, FL, Massage Therapist  

I learned a lot. Very well taught. Even if you may not want to do these things in your practice, these are great tools for your tool belt.

Amanda, TN, Massage Therapist 

This course was highly informative, and I enjoyed how it used actual possible scenarios in the explanation of issues.

Chloe, FL, Massage Therapist 

Thorough and easy to follow course in order to fulfill the requirements needed to renew my licensed as well as affordable in cost.

Marian, FL Massage Therapist

Elite Learning Pharmacy Education Reviews 

Course was easy to understand, easy to navigate, and will be useful on the job.

Carlo, CA, Pharmacist 

Well written, concise, and reviews relevant practice-related information.

Christian, FL. Pharmacist 

Very well written and contained every bit of information needed to review my knowledge and continue learning about my profession.

Jeffrey, KY, Pharmacist

Elite Learning Pharmacy Technician Education Reviews 

The courses were easy to understand and very informative and enjoyable.

Thalia, AZ, Pharmacy Technician 

Able to work from home at my own pace. I’ve been using Elite Learning fro my CE requirements for several years!

Liz, FL, Pharmacy Technician 

All of the necessary information is provided in a concise, yet thorough manner. The chapter is easy to real, making “mandatory” less intimidating.

Kennedy, FL, Pharmacy Technician 

Elite Learning is an excellent way to get your required CEUs!

Kenneth, TX, Pharmacy Technician 

It was fast and very easy to understand. I learned a lot and will use this information as I go through my career.

Francelli, TX, Pharmacy Technician 

Elite Learning Social Work Education Reviews 

It was a great review that also included new information and treatment strategies. I enjoyed reading the case studies.

Jennifer, CA, Social Worker 

I appreciated having all of the mandated courses available in book form and the option for completing it online was very convenient.

Meredith, FL, Social Worker 

I have always benefited from, and enjoyed, the learning modules provided by Elite Learning.

Steve, MA, Social Worker 

Elite Learning Psychology Education Reviews 

The courses were well written and interesting with examples and inserts with helpful diagram and tables.

Jasmine, IL, Psychologist 

Overall, I felt that this course was informative and well written.

Leanna, MI, Psychologist 

I have used Elite for a number of CE courses over the last several years. The programs are relevant to my work and interesting.

John, PA, Psychologist 

Elite Learning Counselor Education Reviews 

These are excellent courses, even for an experienced therapist. There are many courses to choose from. I found them all interesting and easy to follow. The website I very easy to use!

Renee, PA, Counselor 

Courses are relevant and well-written. I have gained much information that I can apply in my day to day work.

Jody, TX, Counselor 

I found the course material easy to access and understand. It was relevant to my practice and up to date, unlike many courses on culture in the counseling profession. This is easy to access continuing education on your own time and space.

Carol, US, Counselor 

Elite Learning Cosmetology Education Reviews 

Course was very thorough and easy to understand. I learned a lot!

Carolina, FL, Cosmetologist 

Definitely will be staying with Elite Learning for my continuing education as an esthetician. Their website is super easy to work with and the educational portion is exactly what I needed. Highly recommend!

Kassandra, FL, Esthetician 

It was super educational and easy! Will definitely come back for more classes in the future.

Megan, IL, Cosmetologist 

Elite Learning is the most efficient way to obtain CE hours. Easy and inexpensive!

Stephanie, OH, Cosmetologist