Dispensing Veterinary Prescription Drugs

About the Course:
This course provides information on the laws and regulations enforced by the FDA as they relate to veterinary medicine. Under the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, FDA has the broad mandate to assure safety and effectiveness of drugs (including animal drugs), devices (including veterinary devices) and the safety of the food supply.
Learning objectives:
  • Identify the agencies involved and areas of responsibility for federal regulation of animal health products, including animal drugs, feed and devices.
  • Describe the approval process for use of animal drug products.
  • Define what the Food and Drug Administration considers “safe” and “effective” in animal drugs.
  • List FDA regulations for dispensing veterinary prescription drugs, including labeling requirements.
  • Define veterinary feed directive (VFD) drugs.
  • List requirements for use of VFD drugs.
  • Identify responsibility for illegal drug residues in foods from animals.
  • Define extra-label use of FDA-approved drugs in animals.
  • List the circumstances that must exist and steps that veterinarians must take before extra-label drugs may be used.
  • List limitations and prohibitions to use of extra-label drugs in food-producing animals.
  • List types of FDA regulatory actions for violations of rules on animal drugs.