Florida Laws and Rules Governing Veterinary Practice

About the Course:
To remain current on the scope of practice for veterinarians, it is essential that they be updated on new rules being passed or introduced. This course will review Florida’s rules on these matters, as well as the new acts recently enacted in the last few years. As a licensed veterinarian, it is imperative to be judicious in understanding the laws and rules governing the profession.  This course will review the recently adopted rules, rule changes or amendments that, in particular, impact the profession and the practice of veterinary medicine. 
Learning objectives:
  • Describe the two (2) beliefs or reasons why licensing laws are established.
  • Identify the sections from Florida’s Statutes and Administrative Code that apply to Veterinarians. 
  • Discuss the violations and penalties for fraudulent and deceptive practices, according to Florida Statutes.
  • List the acts that may constitute grounds for disciplinary action.
  • Identify the various types of premise permits to practice veterinary medicine.
  • Summarize the law regarding medical patient records in terms of; confidentiality, ownership and control, the consent and release of records.
  • Summarize the minimum standards for ownership permits for practicing veterinary medicine.
  • Explain the minimum standards for Limited-Service Veterinary Medical Practices.