Welcome Western School Students

Western Schools is now a part of Elite Healthcare

The top healthcare education providers in the nation have joined forces with one purpose in mind: supporting professionals like you with the knowledge and resources of more than 75 years of combined experience.

Don’t worry, the expert instructors you trust from Western aren’t going anywhere! You’ll continue to have access to the same great content you love, plus an expansive library of short-form and in-depth courses, specialized content and free reference resources from Elite.   


A note from the Respiratory Therapy team

Now more than ever, the knowledge and skills we bring to the workplace as respiratory therapists matter, which is why it’s so important to choose a continuing education provider with care. Fortunately, that process is about to get easier as Western Schools has joined Elite Healthcare. You’ll continue to get the same board-approved courses from the experts you trust, as well as brand new content exclusive to Elite students.

From the combined teams of Western Schools and Elite Healthcare, let me be the first one to welcome you on this journey. We’re excited to be your learning partner!


Heather O’Connell, MS, RRT, ACCS, CPFT

Respiratory Therapy Instructor
Elite (formerly Western Schools)

Here’s what to expect with Elite's Respiratory Therapy courses:

A focus on relevant topics

Stay up to speed on the latest respiratory therapy topics with dozens of hours of specialty content that will develop your skill set and help you become a better clinician.

A flexible learning platform

Explore an online respiratory therapy reference library, track your hours and learn at your own pace with the Elite dashboard, all accessible 24/7 from any internet-enabled device.

A commitment to excellence

Just like you’re there for your patients, we’re here for you with highly rated, evidence-based courses and clinically relevant resources designed to help you master the latest techniques.