Self Care 2020: An Elite Healthcare Resource Guide

Welcome to the 2020 Elite Healthcare Self Care Resource Guide

The Self Care 2020 issue will provide you with tools and advice to help improve your quality of life as a person and a hard-working healthcare professional from managing stress to practicing self-care during a pandemic to creating your own personal brand. Click each story link below to read more.

Cover Story:

Practicing Self-Care During a Pandemic
Being mindful of our everyday health is important while avoiding illness.

Featured Content:

Self-Help Tools During the Pandemic: Evaluating mental health apps.

Self Esteem: It’s Still Alive and Well: What’s more, it’s crucial to professional competency, performance, and emotional health

Creating Your Personal Nurse Brand: What unique qualities can you offer?

Spotting Signs of Distress: Know when you’re in need of self-care.

Avoiding Stress Overload: Hospital and facility leadership can help staffers keep work-related tension in check.

Steadying the Work-Life Balance: For healthcare workers, switching off from work is no small feat. But balance is imperative to delivering quality care.

7 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster: Battle your nighttime struggles with these helpful hints.

10 Simple Ways to Make Exercising Easier: Keep your fitness goals on track with a few easy tips.

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