Occupational Therapys Role in Rehabilitation after Burn Injury

About the Course
This basic, introductory course is intended for occupational therapy practitioners with generalist knowledge of burn injury rehabilitation. The course will begin by discussing the various types of burn injuries and subsequent medical prognosis and procedures throughout the phases of recovery and then discuss occupational therapy’s role in depth from the emergent to the rehabilitation phase.

Learning Outcomes
  • Recall facts of burn injury types, levels of injury, and the subsequent medical prognosis and procedures throughout the phases of recovery
  • Explain occupational therapy’s role in burn injury rehabilitation from the emergent to rehabilitation phases
  • Analyze the impact of burn injury on clients as a whole, including physical and social-emotional impact
  • Evaluate client cases to determine best-practice interventions including the use of remediation, adaptation, and compensation when necessary
  • Apply biomechanical principles to optimize function of burn-injured body segments
  • Choose when orthosis is appropriate, including position, type of orthosis , and wear schedule
  • Recommend appropriate home program elements for continued recovery
About the Authors
Dr. Ann Cook has worked in a level-one trauma and ABA-verified burn center for nine years. She has worked with patients with burn injuries in the intensive care unit, acute care, and inpatient rehabilitation settings. The author completed her post-professional doctorate at Chatham University. Her capstone project setting was a trauma/burn unit and focused on improving occupational therapy intervention practices to increase patients' functional outcomes. The author is a full-time associate professor and program director at Slippery Rock University, and she has completed research in the field in regard to current home program recommendations by occupational therapy practitioners working with burn-injured clients.

Dr. Amanda Gault has been an occupational therapist for nine years and is currently a full-time assistant professor at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. Over the last eight years, she has worked as an OT practitioner at level-one trauma and ABA-verified burn center specializing in acute and inpatient rehabilitation for burn care and management, as well as prosthetic and amputee training. As a professor, Dr. Gault has instructed students on the OT process, as well as biomechanical principles necessary for effective treatment of the burn population. The author’s clinical background and teaching experiences have led to extensive knowledge of occupational therapy’s role in burn rehabilitation. Dr. Gault enjoys completing research and participating in faculty-led research projects to help students understand and apply the research process, based on their interests. When not serving as a clinician and instructor, Dr. Gault enjoys spending time with her family and newborn daughter.

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