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We have one purpose: helping more than 350,000 professionals each year achieve more in their career.

Our family of brands

Elite is part of a family of leading brands that help licensed professionals maximize their career potential. Learn more about our parent and sister companies.

Colibri Group

Colibri Group is a family of brands that provide learning solutions for licensed professionals across multiple industries, including real estate, healthcare, personal care, financial services, and many more.

Our companies share a common goal: help customers achieve more in their days and their careers. We do this through products and job aids that help professionals become licensed, stay licensed and gain the skills to perform at the top of their fields.

Elite Learning Timeline

From the beginning, Elite set out to be a leader in professional education. We do more than help you complete your required education. We also give you the insights and tools you need to achieve more in your new career.

June 2018

Fresh new look, same great quality and service

We unveiled our new brand identity to the public and launched a whole new online shopping experience. With a clean design and simple navigation, it’s easy to find the courses you need while discovering new ways to advance your career.


Elite makes INC. magazine’s list of 50 fastest growing education companies as it expanded into 24 different professions and nearly every state that required continuing education.


Elite goes online

Elite successfully launches its first online course experience, setting an exciting new path for the company. For the first time, a licensed professional could complete their CE without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home.


Elite founded

Husband and wife duo, Todd and Annette Mowl formed the company to meet the Florida Board of Cosmetology promulgated rules mandating 16 hours of continuing education for all Florida salon professional licensees. Once the 16-hour course was approved, the couple mailed out nearly 80,000 continuing education books.

Introducing Colibri, our hummingbird

Pronounced Co-LEE-bree. Who knew hummingbirds are among the smartest, most maneuverable, and most powerful fliers of all birds on the planet? We think the hummingbird is a fitting symbol of aspiration and achieving more in your careers. Roll over the plus symbols to reveal some cool facts!

Upper WingBrainBeakLower WingUnder WingTail
The only bird that gets its strength from the upstroke.

(Soars just like we imagine our customers doing when they learn more.) Hey, that's our logo!

Largest brain of any bird by percent of body weight.

One smart bird with a high capacity for learning (like our customers!)

The hummingbird is a prolific cross-pollinator,

vital to the reproduction of flowers. Notice the flowers throughout our website? The real estate business has a vast cross-pollinating effect on our economy and people's lives, ensuring the exchange and enduring care of homes, buildings and land.

Has a cool scientific theory named after him: The Hummingbird Effect.

It's when one innovation triggers many more. It was inspired by hummingbird wing adaptations over time.

Spectacularly nimble and fast as it flies.

Who among us hasn't been dazzled by the lightening quick reflexes of a hummingbird? Then said to ourselves, wouldn't that be amazing to do?

The most maneuverable bird of all.

Hummingbirds can fly backwards, upside down and hover in place. Fitting, because we think the more you learn the more you can maneuver in your career.

Each year more than 350,000 professionals advance their career with Elite Learning.