An Introduction to Hospice and Palliative Care

About the Course:
Hospice and palliative care has displayed remarkable growth and value in the health care system. The history, services, interdisciplinary team, leadership, and future growth are fascinating subjects points to be studied. Hospice and palliative care face many challenges for growth. This course examines in depth the benefits of hospice services for end of life care including managing pain, counseling for grief and bereavement, spiritual care and respite care for family members. This course offers a view of managed care, how hospice is reimbursed and changing regulations that may change the future of hospice care.

Florida Massage: this course is approved as general hours.  You will not receive hands-on credit for this course.

This course is a video, on demand course.

Learning Objectives: 
This course is intended to instruct the professional on current programs, available resources, strengths, challenges and future of hospice programs to better educate our patients and the community of available services and to increase the possibility for leadership opportunities due to improved awareness of technical aspects of hospice care.