Corrective Exercise: Optimize the Nervous System for Complete Functional Restoration


About the Course
The Central Nervous System (CNS) is our communication network, one that can change and adapt at any age, and it is imperative to address impairments, lifestyle, and somatosensory factors for optimal neural reprogramming. We need to reprogram the CNS for complete functional restoration, optimal performance, and most importantly, injury prevention. The brain’s control center is dependent on the proper input. When dysfunction exists, the CNS receives poor proprioceptive input and accesses inefficient information. By addressing the dysfunctional movement at their root in the motor control center, where the patterns are stored, we can truly enhance motor learning and optimize client outcomes. Furthermore, a scientific and systematic approach to retraining the nervous system encompassing appropriate corrective strategies and sound movement-based training will contribute to fast and effective changes in motor control. This course discusses corrective exercises, which are those exercises done by an individual in order to reprogram the neuromuscular system from dysfunctional, to functional movement. These exercises are used to relieve pain, rehabilitate injury, and prevent injury. Everyone has their own story and has developed their own compensations over time, which is why corrective exercise is individualized.

This course is a video, on demand course