Introduction to Marketing for Massage Therapists

About the Course:
To succeed in business, massage therapists must attract and retain a growing base of satisfied clients. This course will explore the components of marketing, list the benefits of competitor analysis, and discuss promotional strategies designed to help you grow your business.

Learning Objectives:
  • Define "target marketing" and list two ways to segment a market.
  • List the four key components of every marketing program.
  • Explain the benefits of preparing a Competitor and Issues Analysis.
  • List four items that belong in a Competitor Analysis.
  • Name and describe the "four P's" of marketing strategy.
  • Define "U.S.P." and explain its significance to marketing.
  • Distinguish between public relations and advertising.
  • List the five components of most print ads.
  • Define "client-centered" marketing and explain its significance.
  • List the five critical points you should learn from a survey of clients.
  • Describe six potential strategies you can implement in your business this year and how you will track your degree of success.