Beard Designing


Course release date: 5/8/2020

About the Course:
The 21st century, thus far, has been a time of extreme representations of individualism and diversity within most cultures around the globe. These days, more people are boldly expressing their uniqueness and independence in the way they adorn and style their hair. The grooming techniques for men are surely no exception to the styling trends. Men wearing full beards and mustaches have become one of the most popular fades of society. Bearded styles tend to convey a look of maturity, intellect, and coolness, while enhancing and matching men’s facial type and personal styles.
To assist Master Barber Stylists and Master Cosmetologists in creating the most popular beard styles, this course provides comprehensive instructions of current beard designing techniques. Having the skills and proficiency in creating beard designs provides professional stylists with an extra edge for increasing their male clientele, retail sales, and more services that will improve in the satisfaction, appearance, and self-confidence of their male clientele.

Learning Objectives 
Upon completion of this course, the learner should be able to:

  • Identify and explain beard trends, and popular beard designs.
  • List and explain the different state board guidelines for Master Barber Stylist and Master Cosmetologists in beard designing.
  • Identify, demonstrate, and utilize methods and products for promoting healthy skin in beard designing.
  • Explain optional implements and products used in beard designing.
  • Describe and create current popular beard styles.
  • Explain infection control and safe work practices involved in beard designing.