Curriculum Development - Part II

About the Course
This course will discuss learning objectives and the various types of statements involved in writing a learning objective correctly.  In addition, this course will review classifications of learning behaviors and learn how to measure and identify different levels or types of learning.  Also, this course will elaborate on the three domains of instructional outcomes and assist you with lesson planning, evaluating students, and assessment methods.  All of these tools will only help with developing appropriate curriculum for a specific audience in mind.

Learning objectives
  • Explain the (5) five steps summarizing the process of developing clear, well-defined learner outcomes.
  • Identify the three (3) domains of instructional outcomes, according to Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  • List the characteristics associated with the three domains of instructional outcomes.
  • Distinguish between diagnostic, formative and summative assessment methods.
  • Generate a lesson plan utilizing all components necessary.