Going Green in the Modern Nail Salon

About the Course
Going green is a movement that has penetrated every facet of society and is gaining positive attention in the salon industry. As the push to find sustainable ways to maintain the planet grows, nail salons are embracing the trend by using eco-friendly products and processes. The most significant parts of the green nail salon trend are tied to organic product ingredients and waterless nail services, both of which are useful for lowering the impact that salon services have on the planet.

The biggest concerns for the nail professional are personal safety and the safety of guests. Nail technicians work with various chemicals in the salon setting, and overexposure is a real threat.

Creating a safer salon environment is all about recognizing harmful ingredients and looking for ways to drive change in an industry that is product dependent.

Learning Objectives
  • Review the green nail salon trend based on examples and published research on commonly used salon products.
  • Describe dangerous substances commonly found in nail products, how to recognize them, the risks they pose, and how to phase them out of your salon.
  • Discuss other irritants and contaminants that pose occupational and safety hazards to nail technicians and clients.
  • Recognize the difference between organic and non-organic nail products along with specific examples of how these products fit into the salon environment.
  • Identify common myths about organic nail products will also be dispelled.
  • Utilize best practices to successfully transition from a standard to a green nail salon, including finding eco-conscious nail products along with traditional products and appropriately pricing green products and services.
  • Evaluate your salon’s impact on the environment, addressing ways to reduce natural resource consumption while still maintaining infection control and sanitation standards.
  • Demonstrate environmentally friendly product disposal to aid in the development of a comprehensive green salon plan.