Hair Coloring at a Glance

About the Course
This course is designed for licensed cosmetologists who desire to reinforce or expand their knowledge regarding the hair coloring process. In this course, we will learn how the pre-service client consultation lives up to its reputation of being the most important step in the service. Additionally, we will unravel the truth about what you see and apply it to what we know for the most impressive color service results. 

Learning objectives
  • Review the structure of the hair strand to better interpret what you observe during analysis.
  • Categorize the internal bonds and calculate their impact on color in the hair strand.
  • Recognize the characteristics of the types of melanin and their production process.
  • Distinguish a natural hair color shade’s underlying pigment components using the law of color. 
  • Review and determine which pigments make up manufacturer’s tint shades according to the color wheel. 
  • Recognize which hair textures cause results to vary from manufacturer color swatches when tinting.
  • Identify results of using specific types of coloring agents on various hair types based on their ingredients.
  • Distinguish the strengths of developers for use in various hair color products.
  • Maintain the integrity of the hair strand by confidently applying the appropriate type of product. 
  • Perform a pre-service analysis that will lock in the essential information of: what do we want, what do we have, and what are we missing?