Make-up Classics

About the Course
Let’s face it, our clients expect us to advise them on fashion points. They trust our fashion sense and respect our advice. As professional cosmetologists and make-up artists, we know this to be true. This course will explain the steps and theories in color analysis for your client and list hair colors that will flatter cool and warm-toned persons. Additionally, this course will list make-up do's and don’ts and describe how to enhance clients’ attributes.

Learning objectives
  • Explain the steps and theories in color analysis for your client.
  • List the hair colors that flatter cool-toned persons and warm-toned persons.
  • Explain the seasonal theory of color and how to use it to help clients with wardrobe colors and other fashion advice.
  • Define and list primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors.
  • List the essential tools for makeup application.
  • List characteristics to consider when buying makeup brushes.
  • Explain how eye concealers and correctors work.
  • List the different types of foundations and the skin types they each enhance.
  • List considerations to make when selecting powder.
  • Describe features of common facial shapes and techniques to enhance them.
  • Describe how to enhance eyes with corrective makeup techniques.
  • List blush types and formulas available and how each is used.
  • List types and formulas available for lip color and their characteristics.
  • Describe ways to contour the eyes with makeup.
  • List eyeliner types and formulas.
  • List eyeliner dos and don’ts.
  • List mascara types and formulas and how each is used.
  • Describe the proper way to apply mascara.