Personalizing the Color Experience

About the Course
This course was designed to bring to light the often forgotten elements of the hair coloring process. At times we do things simply because that has always been the way they were done. A fresh perspective on the importance of foundational elements will inspire greater confidence and renewed diligence in protecting the hair shaft. It is, after all, the very fabric of our profession. Happy coloring!

Learning objectives:
  • Recognize which hair textures cause results to vary from manufacturer color swatches when tinting. 
  • Identify results of using specific types of coloring agents on various hair types based on their ingredients. 
  • Distinguish the strengths of developers for use in various hair color products. 
  • Maintain the integrity of the hair strand by confidently applying the appropriate type of product. 
  • Perform a pre-service analysis that will lock in the essential information of: What do we want, what do we have, and what are we missing?
About the Author
Jo Ann M. Stills began her career as the owner of a successful salon. From that position, she moved into an educational focus as Manager and Styles Director for Trend International Beauty colleges. Further career development led her to the position of Salon Manager for a chain of corporate owned salons. In the first year of this position, she successfully headed off a unionization effort and increased salon revenues by 37%. The year the salon was sold, we reached $1 million level, with a 98% customer satisfaction rate.